sweet, sour and a little bit bitter

貝絲柔 about me
Spent almost 20 years on earth. Female. Asian. industrial engineering student. part-time academic tutor. full-time fangirl. lives in a shabby urban world of Quezon City, Philippines. wants to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese someday. dreams of becoming a backpack traveller someday.

愛好 hobbies and interests
eternal slave of the asian pop culture. listens to wang leehom, SHE, jay chou, ken chu and stephanie sun. just recently got tickled by utada hikaru, NewS, and Aqua Timez. hana yori dango addict. reads haruki murakami, kamio youko, and paolo coelho. craves for vanilla ice cream and gummi bears. always tinkers with graphics and other artsy stuff.

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